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Muay Thai Grand Prix have promoted events in the United Kingdom, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Iraq and the Reunion Islands for over 5 years now and are considered to be one of Europe’s leading promotions.

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MTGP takes its first step into Scandinavia when they Take on Copenhagen Denmark together with the Danish Promotors Brian Talarek and Steffen Weise.
We are pleased to announce that we will make a huge event in Denmark the 4th of March 2023. Headlining European MTGP Champion Dan Bonner taking on Danish Super Star Frederik Winter for the MTGP World Title.
Also on the Card Johannes Bakke takes on George Mouzakitis for The European MTGP Title and 2 Danish Title fights Will Also be on the Line.
The Arena is set for Brøndby Hallen that can house up to 6000 people, showing that MTGP Copenhagen means serious business, and The fight Card that soon will be published shows The top of Danish and Scandinavian Pro Muay Thai Fighters on the Card such as: Rhassan Muhareb, Frederik Fenger and Yara Saleh – And also Featuring Pro MMA Fighter Joakim Jankovich on the Card.